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Based on the choice.

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From the beginning of July 2013, Hareon for investment in the western regions in the construction of eight power plant project started construction, a collection of professional and technical personnel of the base power plant project group members traveled west remote Turpan, Xinjiang, yopurga, Keping, Jinghe and Wuwei in Gansu and other more, shouldering the great trust, blazing new trails.
In the remote border areas while they need to coordinate heavy infrastructure, approval, installation, commissioning projects such as the construction of specific work, while also must accept such as catering, accommodation, bad weather, and so on ubiquitous don't adapt to the challenges, difficult living and working environment is self-evident did not even conventional fixed rest days, this period of days, is destined to be the memory of life's most memorable, there. There is a lonely, had a painful, but more faith; had a loss, have been hesitant, but more is to adhere to; have been paid, had to give up, but more is to harvest!
In Hairun, is a wonderful life experience, we put it is likened to the life of the trunk, leaning on the trunk, the efforts of our every Hai Run people around to open branches and leaves, leaning on the trunk, we are able to absorb earth nourish to touch. Sky, what will happen in the future we need not hesitate, only hope, persistence and struggle, because we believe life only experienced temper will be more exciting.
"Based on the choice of!" - this is the common value idea of the team members of the project team in power station. From this period begin, "Hairun" editorial team finishing excerpt from the power plant project team members some true feelings and life piece of work, let us work together to understand the most lovely respectable "Hai Run people".
Brief introduction of the desert green energy light - Xinjiang Keping project group.
Construction of the Keping, Xinjiang power plant project began on September 18, 2013 and plans to build 20 MW power station is expected to will be on December 31 this year before the completion of the construction. With the construction phase of the step by step, at present project site has begun to take shape, a seat assembly on the power unit group stands in the desert, has brought the infinite life of green energy to the desert basin, a very modern sense of science and technology scale photovoltaic power station is about to bring new force of local energy supply structure!